See what people have to say about the impact FISH Feeds has made so far on local communities as well as on FISH Window Cleaning employees.

Many people both in our office and our business networking group were more than happy to help with donations. The staff at the food pantry were definitely pleasantly surprised that we arrived with so many donations.
— Doug Collison, MI
One of our employees, Jesse Walker, donated 4 bags worth of food in this drive! Also, a travel agent next to our offices donated a bag of food items as well! All told, well over 200 food items collected by an office that has 7 cleaners plus the two owners!
— Neil Traverse, WI
We had great success collecting food for a local food bank. In about a week and a half, we had a dozen filled fish bags to donate filled with everything from canned goods to pasta to toothbrushes and Kleenex. The volunteers at the food bank were absolutely blown away when I carried in our contributions. This was a great initiative for any area to get involved in and we felt great to be able to be involved.
— Kristine Bessinger, MI
After receiving donations from our crew, we did a drawing for two Five Guys $10 gift cards. One went to the cleaners and one to the office/management staff. Also, a member of the Cherry Street Mission Ministries (Charles Allen) is a member of the BNI Madison Ave. Chapter that I’ve been a member of for 8 years. Since they are my “Sales Representatives” I solicited them to donate by giving them a list and a Fish bag to fill. I surprised each member who donated with a free can of Fish Foam. Those that forgot or did not have time to shop were told that normally Fish Foam is $5 per can but this time it is $10 per can and all the money went to the Cherry Street Mission. I sold 6 cans!
— Dave Musteric, OH
Our chosen food pantry is unique in that it provides so many different things to the community in addition to food. They go into high risk neighborhoods and read to children, provide clothing, coloring books and a hand up instead of a hand out. They also minister to the elderly in nursing homes and provide them with hygiene products, books and their time. Reverend Stanley heads this organization and our very big hearted franchise owner, Kim Waller, also heard that they needed money to repair a van that the organization needed desperately. After loading up our bags of goodies, Kim, personally provided the Reverend with the funds needed to accomplish that goal. It was an amazing moment as we watched the Reverend shed tears of joy and witness the amazing power of love in action. We, as employees, are humbled to work for such an amazing woman with such an amazing heart.
— VA Beach, VA FISH Staff