This is How YOU Can Help!

1. Make sure your local FISH office plans to participate

Click here to find your local FISH office and find out if they plan to participate in the next food drive. Urge them to contact their FISH Support Staff if they need help getting started with FISH Feeds.

2. Contact your local food bank and find out what they need

Your local food bank or pantry can advise you on the what items they need the most. Collect these items on your own and deliver them to a FISH Feeds food drive or to your local food bank.

3. Get Others Involved and Organize Your Own Food Drive

Get your friends and family involved and work together to collect items or even organize your own food drive. It is easy to organize a food drive for the office, classroom, neighborhood, or anywhere else. Every can of food you collect makes a difference for someone in your home town!

4. Make a monetary donation to your local food pantry

Can't spare a can of corn or a box of brownies? That's okay. The next best thing is to donate directly to your local food bank. Your charitable donation goes towards making a difference in your local community.

5. Spread the word about hunger in the United States.

Spreading awareness is an important part of making a difference. Make sure others know that hunger is a real problem not just in other parts of the world, but right in your home town. Urge others to give to their local food bank. Check out our Hunger Facts page for more information.